Club Policies

Club Policies

Linlithgow Rugby Club is now a Charity (as recognised by OSCR in September 2020) and a Company Limited by Guarantee and is registered with Companies House (SC 532598) and governed by Articles of Association, which defines the different membership categories of Club membership. The Club is a full member of the sports governing body (Scottish Rugby Union), which in turn is affiliated to World RugbyThe Club has a Vision and Objectives (2020-2025)document, which is reviewed regularly, and a Club Development Plan, which is worked up and annually reviewed in conjunction with the Scottish Rugby Union.

The Club’s financial year runs from 1st May to 30th April and the Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) is normally held either in late June or around the start of the rugby season in August.

The Club is overviewed by a Board of Trustees, some of whom have operational responsibilities (Operations Group), appointed each year by Club members at the AGM. The Board of Trustees meet on a quarterly basis, while the Operations Group meet on a more regular basis – at least monthly and usually fortnightly during the season. In advance of each year, the Board prepares an outline Operating Plan and budget, the main elements of which are shared with members at the AGM. 

A Trading Subsidiary is being set up to run all commercial areas of the Club’s operations, mainly centred on the Bar. In this year of “lockdown”, the trading subsidiary is not needed as profits from commercial operations are well below the threshold required. However, one will be needed for future years.

All profits from the trading subsidiary go to the charity and will be put to further the objects as defined in the Club’s Articles of Association. These are:

The Board is also responsible for developing and reviewing key areas of Club Policy to set parameters for safe and efficient operation of the Club. Two of these important policies are:

Child Protection Policy

Linlithgow Rugby works closely with Scottish Rugby to ensure that all coaches of young persons at the Club are fully checked and disclosed through the Protecting Vulnerable Groups system operated by the Scottish Government. Gillian Wells is the Club Child Protection Officer – you can contact Gillian by email or by phone (07795-324568).

You can view the Club’s Child Protection Policy here – LRC_Child_Protection_Policy

Data Privacy Policy

You can view the Club’s Data Privacy policy here – Privacy Policy

Rugby Operations

Linlithgow Rugby Club aims to provide access into rugby at all ages for males and females of all abilities. The Club has a Rugby Operating Plan which identifies the main pathways into rugby and the management of transitions aimed at keeping people involved in the sport. As a full member of the Scottish Rugby Union, we have a clear policy on coaching standards, which can be accessed here.

Full Club Policies

Here is the full set of Club Policies. They are reviewed annually by the Board and other relevant stakeholders. For ease of reference, the policies are split under three main headings – Operational, Rugby and Employee.

Operational Policies

OPS 1:  Club Management

OPS 2:  Health and Safety Policy

OPS 3:  Other Key Operational Policies

OPS 4:  Financial Policy

OPS 5:  Alcohol Licence Policy

OPS 6:  Data Privacy Policy

OPS 7:  18th Birthday Party Policy

OPS 8:  Personal Trainers’ Policy

Rugby Policies

The Club adheres to the Minimum Operating Standards for the playing of Rugby Union in Scotland as set out by the Scottish Rugby Union as part of our Full Membership of the Union. The following Club Policies build on these Minimum Operating Standards:

RUG 1:  Child Protection Policy

RUG 2:  Disciplinary Policy for Players

RUG 3:  First Aid Policy

RUG 4:  Rugby Tours Policy

RUG 5:  Coaching Policy

Employee Policies

EMP 1:  Employee Training Policy

EMP 2:  Employee Grievance Policy

EMP 3:  Employee Discipline Policy